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How to FIX griefers.

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hey. i've been watching some threads and i can see that many ppl is getting griefed. happend to me once aswell and i dont think its funn. im sure it exist a command to BAN/Kick the player. also when the release is out so everyone can play it wouldnt it be good if u could report ppl for griefing. (u need to record or he jsut need to be reported a serveral times) it would be great. cause im quita sure that everyone is scared from grieiefrs and the release when even more griefers are comming. i hope Klei/we players can find a way to fix the griefers. 

i think one command exist to kick /ban
or TheNet:Ban(ip)
^^^^^^^^^^ Not sure of these tho.

thanks for reading and im sorry for my spelling. Have a great DST Experience now guys.

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