[Balance] - Permanent Health Loss with TTH and revival with other stuff


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Bug Submission:

Category: Balance

Issue Title: Permanent Health Loss with TTH and revival with other stuff

Issue Description: I've found the Tell Tale Heart, a little bit too "bad" as one could say. A way to possibly gain back the permanent health loss? The really issue with it though is, when making it, and using it on a friend, it really punishes us, and maybe even drastically. In other words, I try to make a heart, and va-la. I'm dead as well. Kind of sucks. Really thinking about it, yeah, it really takes a slice out of my life. I've had my entire group of friends just die out.

Another issue is, if your a ghost and your pissing about, and a wild touch stone wildly appears. You use it, but you do it before realizing your mistake, it's night time. Annnnnd you die. Charlie slaps you about and your dead... again. Maybe if everyone passed out and it cut to day? That would semi-solve the problem, same thing with the meat effigy.

Not much of a bug, just balancing issues. Also when ever I press enter and my mouse is over something it selects it annoyingly. Pisses the **** out of me.

Steps to Reproduce: Grab a friend and frolic out and about in the wilderness. You should die soon enough.

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