[General] - Day Randomly Turning to Night


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Day Randomly Turning to Night

Issue Description: When you hammer/open the chest by the bones and skulls surrounded by the wood walls. (Not sure what it is called) The fire will continue, and the day time will too, but the on my screen it looks like night time even though the game clock (top right) says it was in the middle of the day. It fixed the next morning. This must be a clientside glitch because my friend who was also playing and actually destroyed the chest was not effected at the time, both of us were very close to the fire when my game went dark. The fire was still creating light, like the game assumed it was night time because there was a fire.

Steps to Reproduce: This bug may be very hard to come by, (idk) all we did was open the chest and it caught on fire as usual then everywhere else went dark for me on my screen.

*Note* not game breaking but quite annoying assuming you guys will want to fix that thanks for reading and good luck!

P.S. Couldn't get screen shot sorry!

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