[Crash] - Loading error: attempt to index local 'target' (a nil value)

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Loading error: attempt to index local 'target' (a nil value)

Issue Description: On a detention mission with 3 agents 2 of them are KO.

All guards and drones are lying under IR beam, I'm disabling/enabling it every turn to keep them there.

When my last agent finally found 4th agent in a cell and freed him, the game started to behave strangely. There were noticeable delay in agents movements. Delay was at the end of every movement from square to square ~500 ms.

I decided to save/reload and got subj.

Screenshot/logs/savegame are attached

Steps to Reproduce: Load game from attached file.

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I encountered similar problem. Sadly, I was foolish enough to restart mission without getting a save.

The augmentation mission was going fine. I knocked down a guard in augmentation room and was about to drag him away but once I clicked on "drag" icon, the game closed. When I tried to reload the save I saw the following message (attached in screenshot.)



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