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[Crash] - Assertions on game load

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Assertions on game load

Issue Description: Assertion failed dialog pops on game load.

Gamelog is in attached archive along with two saves, unfortunately copied after the assertion shown up.

After the game proposed to restart level it loaded well, but after a couple of turns I noticed that there is no sound/music. Open/close options helped with music but not sounds. Then I restarted the game and got the same assertion again - with new savegame but same level.

I choose "select different level" this time and everithing went to normal.

Assertion fault appeared on a save game where I had 4 agents and 2 of them died on previous mission, and savegame was in the followig mission. I think that it was at the very start of it. Not sure.

That new mission probably was 'Detention' type - I vaguely recall that I wanted to check if the game will allow me to rerecrut dead agents.

Savegames were one day old - definately newer than latest update.

Steps to Reproduce: My best guess that you need to kill 2 agents out of 4 and start new mission after that.

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