[Crash] - Game crash and load crash on final courier mission

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Game crash and load crash on final courier mission

Issue Description: During the final mission, I reached the courier and freed him from the chair. Before moving the courier, I selected the courier and tried to have him take an item from an adjacent agent's (internationale) inventory. Before the transfer item menu popped up, the game froze and I got the Mac beachball spinner. The game program used 100% CPU for a few minutes without any visible change or progress.

After force quitting the game, I tried to reload/continue, but I get stuck with a beachball spinner on the load save file screen.

I changed uploaded savegame.lua file to have .txt extension because I got an error: You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file

Steps to Reproduce: 1) Have internationale free courier on final mission.

2) Select courier, then click on grab inventory item icon-button from adjacent internationale agent.

3) Game freezes and transfer menu does not show up.

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