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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Stuck between Turns

Issue Description: Hey Klei Folk!

Firstly, apologies but I only got onto the forums after I had the issue so I have almost nothing to attach but I'll be as specific as possible.

Using Banks and Internationale, I deliberately attracted the attention of a Captain-class mob in order to lure him into a room with a hacked Active Turret. I did this by opening the door to the prison room while standing on the tile next to the door and leaving enough movement point to exit the room by another door.

I ended the turn, the Captain came out of the prison room, the Turret locked. I carried out other actions outside this room and ended my turn again, the Turret fired and killed the Captain but, the tile the captin was on then displayed both the killed and standing sprites.

The AI stopped (as in, none of the mobs moved or did anything) but my AP never reset and I could not manually move on my pressing Enter to trigger another turn end.

I saved and extied and when I attemped to load, I got a "string" does not exist error.

Im sorry I dont have the relevant files but if it happens again I'll know what to do.

Steps to Reproduce: - Use Internationale and Banks?

- Lure Captain-class guard into the range of Active HAcked turret.

-Wait 2 turns for lock on and fire

- This This should reproduce the problem unless it was something to do with the level seed and not the units etc.

At one stage the game crashed and I was able to restart the level using the same seed.

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