[Gameplay] - Automated turrets always fire, even when in 'inactive mode'

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Automated turrets always fire, even when in 'inactive mode'

Issue Description: In two successive maps, I've had fully hacked automated turrets engage guards when I had set them to Inactive mode. Although it may be a status bug, because when I first enter Incognito the turret is set to Active, I click on it, a noise plays, but it is still set to Active. I click on it again, it seems to be in Inactive mode, but any guard who enters the field of fire triggers the turret's Overwatch mode, and even if I double-check and make sure the power source is in Inactive mode, it still triggers.

Steps to Reproduce: Start a game in Normal mode, hack an Automated turret and its power supply.

Set the power supply to Inactive.

A guard walks in front of the turret, it goes into Overwatch mode.

The turret will fire in the next Guard turn.

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