[Gameplay] - Drone-to-guards friendly fire

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Drone-to-guards friendly fire

Issue Description: On a Detention Center mission, I found the prisoner room with two human guards (a captain and a normal guard) and three drones (walking type, i.e. with legs and shooting - can't remember the names or which one shot, but there are only one or two such drones as far as I know). I used the open-door-trick to lure them towards me, and on the "enemy turn" the door was opened (by another drone which didn't shoot immediately), and then one of the other drones moved from behind the two guards toward me and shot them on the way. The door was already open, so I was in sight, but I can't imagine this being intended? This also lead the bot to run out of ammo so it couldn't shoot my prisoner later on (which is a nice feature since guards can fire multiple shots per turn), but karma got him in the end (elites everywhere!).

Unfortunately I didn't take a screen shot or savegame capture for bug tracking (it was before I had created a forum account), will obviously do if it happens again.

Steps to Reproduce: I'll assume having the agent in front of the door, door open, other bot seeing me and the killer bot moving towards me with guards in between was what did it, but it's hard to tell, really.

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