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[Crash] - Crash while exchanging items

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Crash while exchanging items

Issue Description: The game hung (spinning beach ball) as soon as the prisoner in the final level tried to exchange items with Decker while Decker was pinning a stunned guard on the first turn.

Steps to Reproduce: Final level, easy mode, fast mode turned OFF.

Turn one: Decker stim packs twice and electrocutes the guard watching the prisoner; frees the prisoner; returns to pin the guard (Decker now has zero action points).

Turn one (still): Prisoner walks adjacent to Decker; prisoner tries to exchange items with Decker; crash.

I can't quite remember if the prisoner clicked the "exchange items" button or "pickpocket" button... But I'm more confident it was "exchange items".

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