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Hi all, I would like to add a suggestion (that hopefully hasn't been added yet) about the ghosts in the game. Make ghosts have a 50/50 chance of dropping plasma residue like ectoplasm, and add new research options like may be a Lamp Post that provides permanent light at your camp for those nights that you don't have anything to do, or a Voodoo Doll that can scare monsters away to a parameter around them for camp protection, but be a repellent not a kill so they still remain at the edges and wait for you to walk out. Given the rare ghosts spawn once you dig all the graves and and don't luck out on getting ectoplasm you would have to resort in harboring live Mandrakes to wait for ghosts to spawn near them, or in the off chance you already killed all your Mandrakes and run out of graves to dig may be resort in going after Abigail and killing her penalizes you with 10 naughtiness points. In addition make those items cost like 300 research points and use crazy materials, for instance Lamp Post - 1 stone block for base, 4 wood planks for post, 6 reeds and 2 Papyrus for the globe, and may by some gold nuggets for illumination. For the Voodoo Doll make it use twigs straw and say Treeguard (special wood drop) for skeleton and Tentacle Spots in combination with all kind of feathers, Hound Teeth, and a Red Gem for effects. Could can add Turkey feathers to the requirement so now one have to find and chase them annoying berry stealing pests :)

I am suggesting this because I have played for a while and currently I am pass day 250, have set up a nice base with farms, storage, Meat Effigies, a tent, bird cages, relocated all bees and berry bushes, have set up a twig and 2 tree farms near by one for wood and one for charcoal, have established an 11 house pig village in the vicinity, have a huge heard of Beefalos in about half a day worth of walk and at this point i have basically resorted in provoking and farming Krampus for that illusive bag and entertainment. So i think it would be nice to have something more challenging to work toward later on and add some cosmetic improvements to your base :)

Or add the option to actually save progress and be able to generate new world and start over without loosing all that you had.

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