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Bug: Where's my elevator?

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WillySunny    10



Switch is green, but no elevator


Steps to reproduce:

1. Clear all the way until you are in the room

2. Start backtracking all the way back (to the start, not sure if it has to be)

(optional: complete the bonus/puzzle stage hidden in the sewer - the one for the second scroll)

3. Return to the spot

4. ???

5. Profit


Basically what happened is that I was looking for a missing scroll (on my second play through)




and then realized that I'm still missing one at this spot, so I ended up backtracking all the way and take my sweet time killing off + hiding all the enemies. (Yes, even with the siren going off like crazy, there are guards chatting XD), and in the mean while, also re-played one of the bonus stage (for the second scroll), and I guess due to the fact that kind of resets the stage, it also resets the elevator (but not the switch)


So, yeah, guess time to restart the stage and do it all over again ... *sigh*

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