[Gameplay] - Mission Objective Bugged - Insomniac / A Friendly Conversation

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Mission Objective Bugged - Insomniac / A Friendly Conversation
Issue Description: I've previously posted on a similar mission objective update bug:


I believe I know what the issue is for both of the mission objectives not updating, and thus failing to trigger the lift doors (thereby ending your game)

For Insomniac, I hacked a camera database, which allowed me to hack a camera inside the objective room.

I believe the mission trigger is dependant on opening the door to the cell, thereby starting the event.

As a result of being disrupted, Central did not give me an update, thereby preventing you from advancing the mission. So I am stuck at "Rescue the Courier".

I had the courier walk into a laser field, killed him off, still did not advance the event.
Steps to Reproduce: As above, with a bucket of bad luck.

I'd advise anyone to be wary of Insomniac and A Friendly Conversation missions until a fix is available.




I also believe that there may be one more issue - if you lure / pull the enemy target(s) from their event cell before peeking into / entering the room (e.g., run outside the cell, this may also cause the event to bug).

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