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I was sitting on my butt today, like usual, but this time was different. My imagination was wandering in a large wonderland of Ideas, then I came across one that I might talk to Klei about.
The big question that's on my mind: WILL THERE BE MARK OF THE NINJA DLC?
I mean, think of the implications! New gadgets, outfits, abilities, and more!
I mean, I would pay for that!
I just want to see if others share the same thoughts as me. If we band together, we might get Klei to make this dream a reality!

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Happy to tell you: there is DLC. I bought Mark of the Ninja SE through Steam for 17,99€. The package contains the game + DLC. It is worth every penny, if you ask me... this game is really good. And I am not just saying that... this game is really good.


Here's the link from where I got it:


If you already bought the game, you can also choose to buy the DLC here for 4,99€. (Or the equivalent of your currency)


Do it! This game is awesome.

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