[Gameplay] - Vault Terminal doesn't unlock Secure Cases

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Vault Terminal doesn't unlock Secure Cases

Issue Description: On a Vault mission, I found the vault room itself. I hacked the Vault Terminal, which seemed to result in power being cut to the Secure Cases. The four other cases in the room unlocked when I physically activated the Terminal, but the Secure Cases are locked and cannot be hacked via Incognita due to the power being off somehow. If I'm supposed to access the Secure Cases first, perhaps that could be made more clear?

Steps to Reproduce: Hack a Vault Terminal; I think this was what resulted in loss of power to the Secure Cases. I've attached my savegame.

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Update: it could be that I had Hammer selected, and so was looking at my 4 power and the rating-2 firewalls and not understanding why I couldn't hack them.  I noticed I could hack them the following turn (when I had 5 power), so I'm pretty sure I just had the wrong program selected.  Dunno if there's some way to make it more obvious what program is active?  Perhaps the message could say 'needs 5 pwr' or something to make it clear the required cost for the selected program.


In any case, this report is probably in error.  Sorry for the trouble!

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