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I would buy this game a million times over again but seriously how could you overlook a button config / setup? I don't like being forced to use the back touch for rotating the map(only complaint honestly), please add a config set up in the future or a swap to use the front touch screen(Corners on either the top or bottom to be used for rotations). 


Personally I don't care about pressing R to go into the inventory(as well as showing the stats), if you could have just used L twice for that(Pressing L once for crafting, and again to go into the inventory, using circle to cancel out or pressing L a third time to cancel out) and instead having to hold R and use the right analog to rotate I feel like that would have worked really well. 


Either way please if you take nothing else from this post - in this day and age of gaming there should be no excuse for a lack of interchangeable button configurations. I don't care what game, if the game has two buttons or fifteen, let me swap my buttons PLEASE. Sometimes it's the simplest things that get taken for granted/overlooked while you're making this amazing game run on this little bitty awesome handheld that actually impact it the most.


Thank you for the game and the effort, for all the content and all the hard work!

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