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[Exploit] - BioShot DartGun infinite ammo

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: BioShot DartGun infinite ammo

Issue Description: I bought a BioShot DartGun (1 ammo, 2 AP, 3 KO) with Deckard.

On the turn after i bought it, i shot a guard, and tried to activate Stim II to get a secoond shot (wasn't aware it didn't activate a second attack on same turn, maybe a bug too?) But it stayed at 0/1.

Then, next turn, the dartgun was showing 1/1 and was usable.

Ever since, the turn after i use the dartgun, it goes back to 1/1 even in subsequent missions.

Very very powerful and I'm a bit sad to report this one :p

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Have Stim II on Deckard and 1/1 BioShot DartGun.

2. Shoot guard with dart.

3. Activate Stim II.

4. Go to next turn and notice 1/1 on dartgun.

5. ?????

6. Profit.

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