[General] - Torque Injectors not working with Accelerator Chip

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Torque Injectors not working with Accelerator Chip

Issue Description: After reading the description of Torque Injectors, it should give me 3AP after using an Inventory item.

I have a Torque Injectors and after using the Accelerator Chip in a console, I did not get the 3AP.

I hope it is a good description since it is very easy to reproduce.

Steps to Reproduce: Add a Torque Injectors to a character and add a Accelerator Chip (the one I'm using is level 1).

Try to hack a console with the Accelerator Chip.

You are suppose to get 3 AP, but instead of that, you get nothing.

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