[Gameplay] - Guards trying to enter your space at an angle just stop

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Guards trying to enter your space at an angle just stop

Issue Description: If you are hiding and a guard's path would lead it to enter the space you are crouching in, and the guard is approaching at an angle, the guard will stop in the square diagonally next you. He does not see you but also does not enter the square.

It seems that a guard in this situation should notice you automatically. This would somewhat violate the line-of-sight rules. It may be easier to have the guard walk sideways (in an L shape) to approach the square. This will trigger manual overwatch (if on) and/or allow the guard to spot the agent.

In the attached screenshot you can see that the guard is trying to walk past my agent to investigate the square on the other side but he just stopped there. I moved to the right side of the desk on my turn and the guard went around the desk up and to the right and tried to enter my new space, just stopping again.

Both times I had melee overwatch on hoping to KO him but when he is standing there staring right at me I cannot KO him on my turn.

Steps to Reproduce: Find a guard at an angle from you, draw its attention, and then hide so it approaches at an angle.

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