[General] - An impossible stage

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: An impossible stage

Issue Description: I am in a stage it is impossible to pass threw.

PS thank you for such an awesome game.

Steps to Reproduce: Well since the game is randomly generated I don't know how to reproduce it.

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I"ll see if I can assist with this.


I think this is the potential issue, in a map I had earlier the layout




This was the map layout I had, I didn't get a chance to SS it but basically this is what the issue was.


I didn't have Bank to allow me to bypass the red door nor did the only guard I could reach had a keycard.


I think what may be occurring is the game might be doing one of two things.


-It sees a door an assumes the user can get there since in the 2nd area there is a  door which allows the user to bypass the door but since the user can't walk to that path They are stuck


-The game sees there is a guard and assumes they have a keycard, I did take down the unit to see if they would drop a keycard but no luck.




As a suggestion I think the following may need to be implemented.


A Check when making the area to keep in mind the following:


-If unit can get through a certain area without a  keycard


-If they can't to make sure the enemy unit they can reach has a keycard


-Or make it so guards can go through locked doors, I tried doing this but the guards only go through the door on the otherside and made no attempts to open the locked door



So basically I think the game thinks the dungeon isn't bugged because it assumes/there is no check to make sure the guard has a keycard and as far as I know a guard will not use a locked door to reach a spy if they hear a noise.

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