[Gameplay] - Guard saw & shot cloaked agent

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Guard saw & shot cloaked agent

Issue Description: While moving a cloaked Deckard inside of a guard's field of view, guard spotted and shot agent. In between moves, an inventory screen opened (may or may not be relevant).

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Cloaked Deckard at start of turn

2. Moved into guard's field of view to search an unlocked safe.

3. Inventory screen popped up. Transferred item to agent's inventory.

4. Closed inventory screen.

5. Moved over one square to next adjacent safe.

Expected: agent would remain cloaked while moving inside guard's field of view.

Actual: guard shot agent immediately (no overwatch mode, no opportunity to strike first or hide)

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My cloaked agent got shot, too. Two agents were cloaked at the time, and they both generated warnings when moving (after tazing guards). One of them instantly got shot. Even though they were still visibly cloaked.


Another agent who wasn't cloaked showed as being cloaked, too. Very weird stuff going on with cloaking.

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