[Crash] - Invisible Inc Black screen isssue - Persistent

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Invisible Inc Black screen isssue - Persistent
Issue Description: After beating the first mission in the game and choosing my second one, instead of loading just get a black screen that never ends.
And when closing the game after that it's still in the task manager and the music is still playing.
Steps to Reproduce: I've been able to replicate this every time i've played the game.
1. Start up a new save in Story mode.
2. Select a mission to start playing.
3. Beat that mission.
4. Select a new mission to play.
5. When it starts loading it just gives a black screen.

I have been able to replicate this atleast 7 times, and i have video evidence of how to do it here: 

Skip to about 12:30 for the crash.

None of my other friends playing Invisible Inc has had this problem though, and verifying the files did nothing.

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