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I found the game after watching TotalBisquits video about it and that showed me the basics about the game which stopped me from dying from not collecting food or not making a fire during the first night. After that i was on my own and i died my first try after 7 days, on my second try now and i've survived for 35 days and i don't really see any way for me to die at the moment. I ran around the map and explored all the areas to create all the items in the game and i've bunked up with a big stash of food. I've really enjoyed the game so far, i love the atmosphere and that the game is so "dark" but what the game needs is some sort of reason to keep playing. Sidequests to do within the world perhaps, or maybe you're already working on a story to complete... But something to strive for once you find yourself standing there with very low chances of dying and just waiting for the days to go by to brag for your friends later.I saw someone mention seasons in another thread and i think that sound like an awesome idea that would fit into the atmosphere perfectly. You could have the seasons changing every 15 days or something, with events that you want to complete before the season changes (making Beefalo coats for the pigs during winter from the top of my head). As i said in the beginning i've only died once and staying alive hasn't really been a problem since i can do pretty much whatever i like during the day and as long as i keep wood and grass in my bag i can just wait out the night. Since the game is a "survival game" the survival part of it should be hard. You should try to get a way for players to risk their lives for good reward. Because a game and fun without a challenge and some risk. That's all i have for now, i think you're doing a great job and i'm not mentioning "more stuff" because i know that you are already working on that part looking at the UI. I will definitely keep playing the game!

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