[General] - Game fails to launch

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Game fails to launch

Issue Description: The game does not launch at all, hanging indefinitely in the dock.

Yesterday I was able to play for a few hours in three separate sessions. Quitting the game and continuing later worked perfectly as expected. Today, the game does not launch; the icon hangs in the dock indefinitely, with no windows. The only thing to do is Force Quit. It stays fixed at 0 CPU and 3.8 MB memory according to Activity Monitor.

Deleting the contents of Documents/Klei did not affect this. Completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game did not affect this. Steam verifies the game files as OK.

There are no logs; there is now nothing in Documents/Klei.

Steps to Reproduce: Click "Play" in the Steam Library page.

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Then 24 hours later, it worked again.


There's nothing interesting or unusual about my system, and I wasn't running anything else while trying this. The only pattern I can spot at all is that there was exactly one restart between working and not working, and another restart between reinstalling it and working again. The only change I had made to the settings was to switch to fullscreen and a different resolution (which took two tries to "take", but I was going to leave that for a different bug report). <wild guess>I had problems with MotN in fullscreen as well; perhaps there is something to do with that setting that persists somewhere in the system?</wild guess>

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