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Just changing art


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Let me just start off saying that I'm just beginning to play around with modding a bit and have no real knowledge of programming.  I was just wondering if there's a relatively simple way of changing the art on an existing character, for my purposes Wigfrid.


I've watched a few tutorials and read a lot of posts but not only are most of them outdated, but they are all pre-rog or does not seem to address changes in ROG related folders.  I have the art files i need, and i have downloaded and become somewhat familiar with using most of the common modding programs i've read about.  


Can someone direct me to some well written instructions or a good video that could allow me to add a character to my game with custom art but wigfrid's stats/abilities?  i would also like to change her voice to either willow's or wendy's, but it seems like sound is a whole other ballgame.  Any information would help, i apologize in advance if this has been asked somewhere else and i have only stumbled upon old articles.

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