Summer too hot? Why not...

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  1. Enable us to make fruit/ vegetable juices which will relieve overheating. They can be crafted using another craftable structure which looks like the healing salve bowl as we use it to grind the fruits/vegetable into watery substance to be consumed. Also, we can chill them in the ice box or snow chester to lower down body temperature of player.
  2. Since we can make juices, we should have bottle as well to keep them. Possibly allowing us to have the chance of digging up water bottle (15% chance and reusable) from the grave. I mean, these graves seems like they have all sort of stuffs that sort of prove civilization existed in that wicked world.




The recipe can be: 10 stones (the foundation) + 5 twigs (for the handle to turn and grind)

However, it requires bottle in order for it to make some juice.


Summer is just too hot for me to handle as I can't travel far to gather resources that I very much needed.

Share with me some thoughts of yours.

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