Ideas like: Food Product as well as Thirst Meter

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Hello Developers, I would love to suggest some ideas which can be included in the next update hopefully or after the DST.

First, after a few months of not playing Don't Starve as I did not receive any updates via emails on it, with the ROG, it is indeed has become more difficult to survive especially for the fact that I chose 'Default Plus' as my game mode for early start.
Reading through the wikia, there are abundant stuffs that was implemented ever since Early Access Beta and I am loving it a lot as this is the sort of game I have always want to play. Long story short, these are the IDEAS (pardon me if it's too ambitious):

1. More dairy products such as Cheese which can be preserved for long and be produced made from necessary items like milk and butter possibly? Create craftable item such as a small placeable/moveable container to PROCESS and store the cheese. Beside VoltGoat (should not be killed) droppable item such as milk, Beefalo should be made possible to be milked using milker. Using Sleepdart on beefalos or voltgoat and proceed with milking to avoid aggression of these mobs as milking provokes them. Reason being is that if milking is so easy and doesn't require much work and items, the game will be easy and that is why sleepdart will be used before milking as an extra step.

2. As the title suggested, if thirst meter is implemented, a lot more liquid food can be added in such as fruit juice/vegetable juice(relieve overheating and thirst). They can be crafted using another craftable structure which looks like the healing salve bowl as we use it to grind the fruits/vegetable into watery substance to be consumed. Also, if possible, adding an extra slot for character to hold refillable water bottle (can be found in by digging graves)(craftable water bottle holding strap with "water bottle" + "rope" would be great as sometimes we tend to travel far from base and never bring enough water to quench the thirst. It can be filled at oasis (new stuffs) or even abandoned wells (new) across the map.


3. Additionally, a craftable Barrel can be crafted to store rain water and be filtered using spider webs in order to drink. Untouched open barrels will cause breeding of mosquito or the barrel to deteriorate due to water stagnant, prompting character to use the water or to dispose it off.

4. In counter to summer, drinkable items can be placed in the ice box/snow chester to produce chilled drinks to prevent overheating OR by adding ice in the drinks. As for Winter, player's temperature will decrease faster when drinking water unless it's placed nearby to heat sources such as camp fire or heat stone.

5. Adding a new light source such as Beewax Candle which can be made from extracting small pieces of renewable honeycomb from beesbox (5% chance)

6. Since there is oasis, possibly add in coconut trees as well?

I hope you will read this and possibly strike some ideas in that ingenious mind of yours. Thank you! (These ideas probably was thought of before though)




1. Maybe we can make a cart so that we can actually have a moveable storage?

Using wood alone will be fine.

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