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Wiz[Character Mod]


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Wiz The Dark Wizard!  An original character I created initially for myself but am now sharing for everyone to use.


About Wiz

*Low Health(105)

*Low Damage(Same as Wendy)

*Calm and Collected- Passively gains Sanity over time like Maxwell's Dapperness but not as much.

*Starts the game with a Nightmare Amulet, an Icestaff and 3 living logs.


This is the first mod I have made for Don't Starve(or any game for that matter)so if any problems arise please inform me.  This mod is compatible with the base game.  I do not know if he is 100% compatible with the Reign of Giants dlc as I do not own it and cannot test it :(


Planned Updates

*Unique speech text


Screen shots













The files are also attached to this post(might be out of date)  

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