Map Icons for player (read as how it would work)

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Hey guys,

Just started playing this game and I think its pretty fun so far. I dont have much things to make it better so far besides this suggestion. I believe this is an important one too.

I thought it would be awesome and make the game seem more polish if the player could add some type of icons on the map. A lot of the sand box games out there currently dont have much to work off of a map. Some dont even have a map. It would be awesome if the devs of the game could make a bunch of "General" icons, then when we would place these icons we will see the name we entered.

for example:

Devs make a icon for a House.

What could a house be on the map?

-Base 1 (This is wat I would type on the map, so I know where my first "home/base" was)

-Anything your mind can think of bascially, use it to show where an animal is.

Icon for each animal in the game?

Like the Rabbit Icon...

-Use it to place on your map where you seen it last.

Bascially everything worth knowing where it is on the map, should have an icon, then the players can place it on the map, and once place, the player can add a "comment" then, once the player arrows over the icon, the comment will then show.

Now to counter anyone thinking this is a bad idea, cause then you wont need to remember where things are, etc.

Theres no point not having this in the game, cause people can write down on a paper, or even remember excatly where they are. (but once the map gets big, and your constantly doing something, i can see how easily this can be to forget)

Soo.... What do you guys think?!

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