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Idea for DST

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It would be cool if boats played a major role in DST. For example....


Just like you have to find maxwells door to enter adventure mode, you'd have to find the docks to enter multiplayer mode. Using the docks would send your character to a persisted world (persists across characters for a particular player, either by server or locally: similiar to starbounds personal ships).


This island is that players "home island" each character maintains a personal survival length (number of hours spent in multiplayer mode)... this would determine the season/hounds/etc of the private island. From the private island. Other players could visit the private island only if they are passengers on a boat driven by the player that owns the island. 


Multi-player worlds would be generated at server startup and persisted on the server as the multiplayer island and time would pass as long as at least one character was in it. The multiplayer island would be a tremendously difficult volcano/rain-forest, with a  more forgiving "beach" biome perimeter. If a player is visiting a private island where the owner quits the game, or if a player dies in multiplayer mode they would wake up at the docks in the single player mode. While seasons would pass according to multiplayer island day count, timed attacks and formula variations (treeguard % etc) would be based on individual characters survival length).  The docks would start with some dinky ship... a canoe or something which could only carry a single character, but through recipies it could be upgraded to large boats offering larger passenger capacity and/or inventory.


 A new recipe, using papyrus and charcoal, would be used to create "trap maps"... the trap map is identified by some player (not character) specific identifier, it can be "used" like a blueprint. Whenever a player places a trap that Unique ID is used for the tooth trap. Any player that hasn't "used" a trap map created by the player that placed the tooth trap would spring the trap. Tooth traps would deal a good % of piercing dmg (ignoring armors). There would also be no way to enlist the help of any of the mobs (i.e pig/bunny lord/web+spider mechanics).. so the only way to get better that 1v1 odds would be to work with other online players.  


 On the multiplayer persisted island, it would be much more difficult to transplant resources... but would spawn in denser clusters... this would make it more reasonable to find a bunch of individual bases rather than having one communal village... 


 With the individual bases, to promote working together, the dangers of the shared map would be much more deadly to the unprepared, and would require a larger variety of resources to build. Then, these resources would be placed very distant from each other... this would make it reasonable to find situations where player A sets up camp near resource X, player B sets up camp near resource Y and player C sets up camp near resource Z... then each player has to trade the other players their resource for the ones the other players have access to. 


Just some Ideas that I know are likely well out of scope, but still thought were pretty interesting... 

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