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I understand the stability requirements of Sony, and dont expect this to be changed,but I had an idea that could possible work.

Several things cannot be turned to Lots in console, and i understand why. Wondering if something as simple as a point system could help.

Here's the idea:

Depending on the stability, and only the devs would know of course, you could implement a point systems that would allow turning some things to Lots. For example, we have 10 points to spend, and turning something to Lots has a point value associated with it. Out of points, cant turn anything else to Lots. Could even expand on this and turning other things to Less or None would give additional points.

Again, I'm sure this isnt an easy thing, but I have longed for lots of Lots lol. Just wondering if it could be a future possibility. Cant hurt to ask ; )

Thanks Guys!

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