Console Targeting Help Please

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I was really hoping for a little more PS4 love in the recent updates and DLC. Dont get me wrong, I love the game, but some of these issues have been around since day 1. Ive seen prior posts in other sections of the forum, but not for a while in the suggestion section. I assume it must be an intensive issue to address, otherwise would have already been fixed like the HUD size was quite quickly. Regardless, here it goes:

I'm sure every last console player have had these targeting issues.

Most infuriating thing in my opinion. Targeting! There needs to be some distinguished difference between friendly's, i.e. Glommer and Chester, and baddies. There is nothing worst than getting ganged by spiders or what have you, and seemingly locked onto hitting Chester. Same with Glommer, full moon brings about the Werepigs, and my only hope to keep Glommer is to pick the flower and run, otherwise two mistaken hits finishes him off.

Another frustrating issue with targeting is distance. Console only allows a very small distance with range weapons. I suggest one of two things. One, and probably easiest to implement, allow the D-pad to cycle between on screen targets, although this doesnt address pounding Chester inadvertently. Although i could probably get used to sliding over to the D pad for a tap as soon as i see Chester taking my abuse lol. Two, have an option to toggle attacking only hostile creatures, or simply have it so Chester and Glommer and others can only be hit with another type of button combination or something, or have a toggle to turn off ability to even attack Chester. Chester is the main concern in battle really, Glommer and befriended pigs I can deal with, but doesnt mean i wouldnt LOVE some sort of solution.

Unfortunately from a February post i read that the only thing we can do is 'be more careful.' I really hope the success of this game has provided the resourced needed to address this issue. It would be like a new game if we got some sort of relief from inadvertent targeting and targeting distance!!

Is there any chance of any alteration to the current targeting mechanics or some sort of option toggle? If so i could go into more detail and suggest simple implementations that would at least curb 80% of these targeting problems.

Please Pleas Please Klei!

Thanks for any consideration whatsoever!

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as a ps4 user I completely agree. It is so frustrating when you have a scenario of say having 6 pigs following you then you go attack something but even though you are looking at the creature you are about to hit the character sometimes will go so far as to turn around and hit chester instead. then all your allies will go and kill chester. Happens so often and it really irritates me when it happens.

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Darkasjinksu, thats a good idea!

I remember something like this in another game. We could lock on using the touch pad, and this would also solve the issue of ranged attacked not being so 'ranged.' We can barley hit a bird with the boomerang because of how close we must get for the icon to come up to attack.

Ugh the frustration kills me, only because this is my favorite game and has been for months now. Surely there can be some simplified solution to at least lessen the inadvertent targeting.

Sadly I dont think many console players frequent the forums as much as we need for something to be changed : (

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