The Story of Wilbur

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Wilbur was an intelligent monkey and was part of a circus act in the "Strongman Circus."

He wore a silly crown and was locked up in a cage with his other brothers and sisters. The act was being the top of monkeys that cling together (just like the toys). They were beaten and abused to exploit people for money. Then one day Maxwell stumbled upon Wilbur and fellow kin and asked if they wished to be freed. Naturally, he said yes and was. The problem was, it was a trick. Wilbur fled to the Ruins knowing Maxwell couldn't possibly find him down there. He became a great leader and led the Ruins to strive. Then nightmare fuel became abundant and abused to inhumane circumstances. This caused innocent creatures around to become horrifying monsters. The splumonkeys had forms that fluxed when their runic tiles are glowing bright red. This had strange and terrifying affects on Wilbur. He lost his way in the world and his skeleton is lost along with his crown atop his head...

(Thank you Pyromailmann for the story)

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