Grass tufts and berry bushes

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After taking a break from the game for awhile and starting back up again RoG-style, the replanted behavior of tufts and bushes still really bothers me. It's like the plant is going "noooo! You dug me up! I hate you now!" And it makes me paranoid about running around with the shovel equipped, since I might accidentally dig up a bush or grass and "ruin" it.


I've thought of a possible solution, but it'd be a ton of work to implement. I'd try making a mod to test it out myself, but I have no clue how to make something that changes gameplay mechanics really extensively.


Anyway, general idea would be making tufts and bushes ALL use a "charge" system, not just replanted ones, and maybe have favored biomes as well.


Grass tufts would have a maximum of 20 charges, bushes 5, similar to current behavior. When dug up and replanted, a plant starts out with 0 charges. Fertilizer adds charges, similar to the current game.


Plants would accumulate charges at some rate lower than the maximum regrowth rate, thus requiring a certain amount of human intervention for maximum harvests, whether replanted or natural.


If a plant is completely depleted, there could be a penalty, like making the first charge take longer than normal unless fertilized, fertilizer only adding 1 charge instead of the normal amount, etc.


Each plant (even trees, saplings, etc.) growing differently in different biomes would add a whole new layer to managing farms, without disrupting normal gameplay. Grass grows best in savannas, okay in grasslands, poorly in forests, etc. Could have generated plants either behave as though they're in their favored biome until replanted (similar to current), or grow normally for their biome, depending on how it balances.


Maybe tweak the worldgen algorithms so that Pig Kings, Things, beefolo herds, and other points of interest are much less likely to spawn close to areas where biomes (particularly farmable biomes) intersect? That would force players to choose between setting up an easily sustainable farm far away from anything interesting, or making a more difficult farm in a location more convenient for other things (or just try a strategy that doesn't involve intensive farming).


It does seem a little silly to be able to plant anything you want anywhere you want, with no effects.

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