Anyone seen ParaNorman? (Super rare encounters)

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Then you know what I'm about to bring up. If you haven't, then go see it!!

Near the end of the movie is a scene where Normal confronts the Witch Agitha. Don't watch if you don't want spoilers. But check out that 'monster'. That erratic twitching. This would be one of those things you see once every 100 (or even more. Super rare event) nights. Maybe even nuke a large portion of forest in that scene. Light up the night as if it were day, an event any player would remember for a long time.

Incoming TV Cam, this is the best I could find on youtube. It's not my video.

Rent or buy a DVD, it's really good. I think they made Coraline too, which you guys could also loot for horrors ideas, aesthetically speaking.

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