Extra Customization in Console Edition

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First off would like to say great game! My wife and I have been playing it since it was launched for the PS4 and purchased it for the PC as well. The game play keeps you going and just interesting way to keep players playing. With great work comes a great future and excellent movements a head. We cannot wait to see what all get's delivered for the Console Edition.


We would however like to make a suggestion that would allow more customization to the game. It would be nice to have the same custom world options as the PC version for the Console Edition. The custom worlds can be quite fun and intense. However the Console Edition does not contain some options that the PC one does. The other customization could be more around building some houses and designing them yourself. That would be pretty impressive to see.


Other than that please keep up the great work! We love to see this game improve and strive to become one of the top rated games on the market. Thank you again!





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