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Confused with Characters

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I only noticed because I always choose "random" character when I start and I was only getting Wilson or Willow... My character unlocks are gone!  I used to have all the characters through Webber, now I only have Wilson and Willow?  I don't remember un-installing and re-installing. Does anyone have any idea what happened?


I mean I guess it's not a big deal, but I finally let myself die and it feels like the level progression is slower than it was the first time around too.


Just confused. :(

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It happened to me too I don't know why ^^

I guess the only way to get them back (without xp) is to use the console in the game to unlock them.

Here's the link that explains how it works :



Don't see that as a cheat but more as a bug correction ^^ But don't use it for characters you haven't unlocked yet !

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