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Possible idea about multiplayer?

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So with the introduction of multiplayer is there a possibility of a type of PvP or team vs system. This may sound like an awful idea but you could have a team of two players each and spawn them each on the opposite side of a map. None of the resources on this map would respawn except for a small area in the middle of the map( this area would be able to be seen by all parties). That way eventually the resources outside of the area that resources respawn would become extremely scarce and or run out completely. This would then eventually cause a sort of battle for the fertile area with the respawning resources. This could range from an all out battle with who was able to scrounge the most resources and make armor and weapons to one team raiding the other teams base at night to steal resources and possibly take out the members of the other team in a guerrilla warfare type of attack. This to me seems like it could add endless replayability to the game as it would add so many more aspects such as hiding your resources so they don't get stolen, hiding your camp well enough, and leading monsters or you and your partner to the enemy encampment to end the game in a bloody war. Sorry if this idea has been mentioned before... Just seemed like a good idea to me and thought I would throw it out there and see if there was anyway it could stick and become a reality.

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