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[Mod Request] Batch Crafting & Sub-Crafting

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Greetings, all! My name is Zoë, and I have been playing Don't Starve for a few weeks now, with mods of course, and as I play this game, I continually realize something: crafting is a pain in the ass. So, I came up with two ideas for two separate mods.


I'm going to do my best to go into detail and explain how each one works, but if any one of you who reads through this doesn't understand something, do ask me. I am an open book.


Now, before all you modders jump with glee at the chance to make something new and great, keep your shirt, pants, skirts, tanktops, or whatever you're wearing on (and if you're not wearing something, at least cover up, we don't wanna see that!). These ideas involve a great deal of ingame menus and modding such. It's probably not gonna be too easy for you newer modders. Now, let's get into them~


#1:  B​atch Crafting (Name inspired by a comment, but I can't remember where that comment was)

Basics: Batch Crafting would allow the player to make a queue for crafting items, which could appear somewhere on the screen (perhaps just above the crafting menu?). 


How to use: When crafting items, the "Build" button would be replaced with a small menu. Two arrows, one on each side, to increase or decrease the amount you want to craft. Between these arrows would be a "Build" button, but just to the right there would be a small box to type in, to specify how much you want to craft if hitting the arrows would take too long. When you hit Build, the items would be added to the queue above the crafting menu.


For example: I want to craft my grass into rope, but I don't want to keep pressing build so I can manage my inventory, or perhaps tab out of the game to check on something else. (Some people are pretty busy :razz:)


I go into my crafting menu, and hover over "Rope," I go down the little window that pops up, and type in "30" in the box, then hit Build. Above my crafting menu it says in legible writing "Crafting: Rope x30." Now, I sit back and let it do its thing.


Oh, but I just remembered, I don't have a weapon! Better make one, but it's not as important as getting some rope for other things. I go back to the crafting menu, hit the Fighting tab, and find the Spear. Hovering over that, I make sure "1" is in the box, and hit build. Now, above the "Crafting: Rope x20" (because in the time it took me to realize I needed a weapon, 10 pieces of rope have been crafted) is another line that reads "To be crafted: Spear x1." Now, back to relaxation~


#2: Sub-Crafting

Basics: I know I'm not the only one who looks through my crafting menu searching for something in specific, thinking I had the ingredients for it, then realize I forgot to craft one of them! Damn, better go find it and cra- Hang on! I just remembered. With Sub-Crafting, I don't have to go find the other item and make what I'm missing!


How to use: When you have the crafting menu open for one item, simply click on one of its ingredients to open another crafting menu off of that one to craft it.


For example: I need to craft a Pick/Axe, but I don't have any thulecite! Shame... but oh! I have 12 thulecite fragments! Yes! All I have to do is click on the thulecite icon under the Pick/Axe craft menu, type in "2" in the little box, and hit build! (Of course Batch Crafting and Sub-Crafting should be compatible! c:) After a few seconds, I've got my thulecite, and I can make my sexy Pick/Axe without ever having to search for the thulecite recipe~

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