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A New Mod Request Part 2


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Continuing a requesting mod I wish for.

Added cons. :)

Now she will only spawn with
a Bloody Heart and scissors.

Everything else,

Xiao's Armor
Metal Claws
Shadow Tear
Reflection Egg
Shadow Egg
Mother's Call
Sister's Hand
Given Tinkeret
Shrieking Flame &
Ghastly Crown

Will be craftable instead.

Her cons will now be

She only has 50 Health

2 Sanity (Items and her pets can restore It.

and 100 hunger that depletes faster.

She will have to cut herself with scissors every now and then. OR a razor. If not she'll go insane and start
losing health.
Better to lose a little health than go through all that.^

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Also!  (Sorry forgot too add) an idea from JackSlender,


  "One thing that you can do (a bit more difficult) is to add a mood meter to your character.  It could do something along the lines of averaging your health, hunger, and sanity and deciding a mood based on that value.  It would be more complex and it could turn out too similar to sanity, but it may be an idea you want to consider."

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