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Character Idea: Winkle

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Everyone's heard the tale of rip van winkle, The tale of the boy who slept a hundred years. Wonder How Well he'd do up against a Deerclops.



  • Starts out young, with a 20% to all activity Speed (IE harvesting, cutting trees, attacking) And has slightly Higher than Normal sanity, 25% more than Wilson


  • Every 2 Days he goes without sleeping, he loses 10% of his speed and overall health, Indicated by the length of his beard (Starts with a smooth face, then stubble, then a light gray two inch beard, then old man 10 inch beard) The beard, being thin and wispy, this does not give a insulation boost.

Just a basic Idea, not expecting much applause. Honestly, when i play i never make tents or bedrolls so this seems like a great solution for people wanting a bit more out of slumber land.

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