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I thought of a new character named Woinka, she's a lot like webber but shes a female pig.

I think of a female pig with a flower in her hair with a leaf skirt

Special: Not very smart (needs help building (this is an example) fire pit or a torch)

Grows a little bit of fur (shaveable and is pig skin)

Starts with a friends house (pig shelter)

Has a beautiful flower in her hair (same effect as flower hat)

Can eat raw meat without losing sanity (like Webber)

Stats: Health:200/250

Hunger: 250/300

Sanity 50/75/100

Starting items: pig shelter

"I want my daddy" (her dad is the pig king)

She's a LITTLE bit smarter then other pigs. Please share I thought a long time about a new character. What do you think please let me know

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The idea of raw meat eat and the flower werent supposed to be there but its an idea you can change it you can do the raw meat thing away because the wearing a flower and a flower crown would be weird but the flower would only do like 1sanity/min

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Why not make it more like an actual pig.


Special Ability:


Positive- Can eat raw meat, hits hard (with fists), has a random chance to poop after eating vegitation.

Negative- Is affriad of the dark (large sanity loss at night), can eat moster meat (but after eating more than one has a random chance to transform you into a werepig), on full moons, turns into a werepig (werepig wouldn't be like woodie, he can only deal high damage and chop down trees with his fists at a quick rate, wouldn't be able to maintain the form)







Base fist damage-20


Descritption- Not a picky eater, Has a weak bowl, Has a terrible secret, hits hard.

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I like the idea of a pig character but this needs some more thought. I'd like a new character to be unique, so eating raw meat, transforming into a wear pig or shaving for pig skin just seems like spin offs from other characters

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