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Hound Attacks

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Okay lets say me and a friend both start a game together.

I play for say 15 days and then manage to make a tent or whatever, and go to sleep to essentially log out (or however they decide to do it)


He continues to play for another 50 days so when I log back on, it's day 65.

Should I have to put up with day 65 hound attacks or should my next hound attack be a day 15 one?


The other thing I was thinking was, I think it's obvious. But if there's 2 people, obviously you get 2 seperate hound atttacks, but at the same time. So say the first hound attack sends 2 dogs when 1 person's online, 4 when there's 2 people, 6 when there's 3 people ect.

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But then you're playing in two different instances. The game is working differently for both of you. What if there are 4 players. So all 4 players will have four separate hound attacks if we logged in at different times?

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