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so I'm new to the forums, and I have some cool ideas for some mods, but I have no coding skills, so here you can post and/or look at my and other people's ideas for mods that they would want to make, but don't know how to code them. so here are some of my ideas:


first idea is: more traps- the idea is I'm annoyed how there is only a few traps in the game, that do very little, so this mod could add traps that could stop some creatures such as gobblers or penguins, or maybe to increase farming potential, like having a net trap to catch bigger things, but it works like a backpack, you lug it around on your back when it has something in it, but you can go normally when it's empty, although it slows you down when it's full. these traps could also add more ways of getting stuff, like maybe a trap that can be put in the dark to slow down the night monster? or some sort of extractor trap to get nightmare fuel out of shadow beings.


the second idea is: a character, this one is somewhat half-human and half beefalo, with advantages such as being able to sleep under beefalo at night and dusk, not being affected by (what I call) beefalo rash, and spawning with a herd, and other things like eating grass, but disadvantages such as having a losing hunger faster, being slower than normal, and having a lower sanity level. I think it would be a pretty neat character to have in the game, since it would add a different play style, adding challenges like trying to look after the herd (which could have advantages) or expanding your herd to be the top dogs.


you guys can add some ideas, and maybe the modders will like them and add them to the mods, feel free to post your opinion, but no harsh language please.

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