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I think it would be great if you could craft your own mounts. There could be a mechanical mount which needs energy from burning things and a "magical" mount which needs food. Both could have positive and negative sides.

Here are some suggestions:

Mechanical mount: Positive: It can take more hits from enemies than the "magical" one. If you run over rabbits they

will get crushed.

Negative: It uses up wood and other burnable things.

"Magical" mount: Positive: It runs faster than the mechanical one. If you are starving, you could just kill it and get


Negative: It needs food.

(English is not my main language. I'm sorry for any mistakes)

Thank you for reading :)

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Well I can't say I've seen any suggestions about crafting mounts. Vehicles, yes. Mounts...? No. That being said, personally I think there are more than a few creatures already in the game that you could potentially tame and turn into a mount before needing to craft your own. The beefalo and tallbird are the most commonly suggested mounts (with the beefalo having the "edge").

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