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[Don't Starve Stories]

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Hey guys, I'm not exactly new to this forums I had an account before and posted alot but I got bored and so I'm starting fresh and as I always do I make short stories and compile them into a plot so I hope you guys enjoy and I hope for feedback!  Click the spoiler button to begin reading!


{Don't Starve Stories} Wilson Chapter One: The Beginning

---Don’t Starve---             

Hello, I can’t tell you much about me except I’m a friend. “Of who’s?” You might ask. Well let me tell you. This friend of mine his name is Wilson. I will tell you about him but you must know his story is much like others, all falling for the same trap. Promises of knowledge, fortune, and fame. I tell you this because after hearing this you can’t go back. Do you choose to jump in and play a game I like to call Don’t Starve? Very well.

It started quite a while back with a young man by the name of Wilson, he was a scientist. Well, not the best scientist. As a child he dreamed that he would be successful and a brilliant scientist perhaps even the best. However his experiments are what I would call a tad bit unorthodox. Conducted without much precaution or neatness. Do to his lack of said elements he never really did excell as a scientist. One day he was furious and disgusted at himself. He looked around the room in utter resignation and anger at his little compilation of experiments. Looking around the room he noticed failed project after failed project. Infact the only thing that even looked like a rudimentary success was his radio. The radio should work perfectly except Wilson could never get it to get a signal or even work. Just as he was deciding to give up just walk away and hope he could start anew. The radio sounded. Wilson was confused figured that someone must have been shouting from outside. He looked out his window and noted but two things, it had become stormy out of the blue and the absence of any person in sight. He returned to his chair only for a booming voice to be waiting for him, the voice now very apparent to its origin (the radio) told the following phrase to my dearest friend. “Say Pal, Looks like you’re having some trouble” “I have secret knowledge I can share with you” “...if you think you are ready for it” Wilson confused on how his radio was now working. Either one of two things were happening. One, The radio picked up a signal of some sort of station. Or two, the radio was some how communing with him. Either or Wilson was ready to learn anyway he hastily nodded his head. After the nodding the radio shouted “Ok then!” and Wilson was inflicted with an odd pain. A pain that comes with learning. Learning way too fast. The room seemed to swirl and he could see patterns and formulas, complex blueprints. Chemicals interacting with one another. And it made sense. It all made sense. He knew it all. Everything. The first thing he wanted to do was experiment, but something in his head compelled him to do something extremely specific. To create a portal, a rift to another realm. It made sense it was like he knew exactly how to do it before the thought even came to mind. He worked laboriously for hours on hour until it was finished. Upon finishing said portal the radio sounded again. “Excellent” “Now throw the lever!” Wilson hesitated he decided he needed to do more research. But the voice screeched louder “DO IT!” Wilson threw the lever and a darkness was cast upon him. Shadowy creatures grabbed at his ankles and then my dearest friend left our realm to enter another. So my question to you is do you want to join him?  


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{Don't Starve Stories} Willow Chapter One: Embers Unnoticed 

   And as she lay on the hospital bed pondering her decisions and thinking about life before it all got so compl- Oh hi! I didn't see you there. I was just telling my friend Maxwe- *cough**cough* My friend Mason is what I meant to say obviously, about this little girl named Willow.  Very bright and and smoking. Well not in that way, silly. Literally smoking as in on fire. I could tell you the story if you'd like. Would you? Good. Very well then.  It started quite a while ago with a young girl named Willow. She lead a happy life. Lived in a quite home in the  country. She wasn't the richest but not the poorest either. Her father and mother were happy and had a new baby on the way. Willow quietly played on the swing set near the home.  There were visitors as usual coming to see her father the esteemed Doctor Samuel Tree. Odd naming there daughter Willow with a last name of Tree. One of the visitors seemed to be a careless fellow wearing a cheap suit. He went outside to light his pipe and relaxed. Willow didn't like smoke so she wandered off to go play with a caterpillar climbing a tree. As she was playfully wandering she got hit in the head by a branch and was knocked unconscious. She woke up and instantly smelled smoke. She ran over to the house to see if there was a barbecue, only to discover that the entire property was alight with flame and the foul smell of fire flooded her nostrils. She screamed for her parents. Running into the house, to find her parents she found the bodies of several of the guests along with the family butler. She ran to help him as he was still hanging on to life. Willow tried to pull him up but the effort was in vain because he was crushed moments later by falling rubble. She fled to her mothers bedroom only to find her impaled by a wooden board that had fallen from the ceiling above. Willow could see from the injury that she was clearly already dead. Willow could barely breath now but she held back the tears and fought against the smoke that was choking her. She had to find her father. She looked everywhere but had to retreat. She wandered around the house only to find her father who had clearly tried to escape out of the window but had tripped and landed on his head. Her whole family gone in just a few moments. Willow started running down the road only to see the that the cause of the fire the careless smoker was sitting on a log being treated by an emergency medic. Livid Willow did something that would start just a small ember, that would later birth into a fire. She grabbed a can of gasoline and a match and went over and said hello to the man. She in two swift motions doused the medic and the man in gasoline and lit them ablaze. She screamed "BURN!" over and over in her head. Hearing the sound of a ambulance in the distance she realized what she had done and fled the scene. Over the course of two months Willow the once innocent child vandalized and started fires any chance she got so that the world would know her pain. She was detained for her crimes and sent to Miranda's School for Troubled Girls the sentence would have been worse if they knew she was the one who killed those two people. She didn't get along with anyone at the school and was bullied and treated harshly. The headmistress Mrs. Miranda Palunski was a cruel woman to Willow and told her she was  a worthless no life who would end up as a working girl. Willow finally lost it and just started laughing and laughing she ran out of her office and grabbed the project she had been working on for months.  Impact ignited pryo-technic explosives. She had figured out how to make them from the chemistry books in the library. Before she did this she had to warn her only friend. She checked the whole school and couldn't find any sign of Aggey. She assumed she must have been sick and decided to commence the plan. She went back to the Headmistresses office and threw the device out of her bag onto the floor and the room was almost instantly alight with flame. She ran out of the school and sat in the woods nearby waiting for the entire building to burn. She watched for hours enjoying every scream and then one scream that she recognized made her go running for the building. Her friend Aggey must be trapped inside. As she headed into the building she saw her running for the door. Willow kept it open for her but the building collapsed with Aggey still inside. Willow stunned  just walked away and never looked back. She found that after a few hours she had a throbbing headache and then she passed out. She woke up in a hospital where a nurse and two armed guards were waiting. They explained to her that she was in major trouble for the fire and that she was on the "psychiatric ward" of the hospital and they would have a        phyc-consultation to figure out the best course for her treatment. The armed guards where waiting outside if she did anything stupid. She was trapped with just her thoughts.  And as she lay on the hospital bed pondering her decisions and thinking about life before it all got so complicated suddenly she knew what had to be done. She heard her father over talking about a patient who committed suicide in the hospital. Something about blowing a bubble into his IV tube and causing an air embolism. She started to move her arms only to discover she was shackled to the bed. Luckily her hands were small enough to slip through.  She thought about it and she decided she couldn't do this she had to think of something else. After she was free to move she quietly got out of bed and looked around. She had sustained a few injuries so she figured there had to be some sort of cleansing agent for her wounds. She found one in the drawer close to her bed. Now all she needed was an ignition.  The remote for the television was her answer. She took the battery out and used a paperclip she found on the floor to create a makeshift lighter. She poured the cleansing agent all over the bed and the lit it on fire and proceeded to hide in the bathroom. The guards ran to tend to the fire. She ran out of the hospital faster than you could imagine. She hid in the forest that was a few blocks away. She had figured that she had only started a small fire that could be easily extinguished. With that in mind she went to sleep. At around midnight she was awakened by the loudest sound she had ever heard. She looked around in time to see the hospital collapse. She felt awful harming the innocent people and hoped they had evacuated in time. She ran into the woods and cried. Eventually stumbling upon this old mansion. It appeared to be abandoned so she went in and explored it. She went upstairs and heard a voice "Say, madam" "You look troubled" "What if I told you I could bring your family back" Willow wandered into the room where the voice was coming from and found this odd little radio.  She picked up the radio and smashed it at against the floor.  It bounced and hit a lever on this strange giant contraption. Stunned she hadn't noticed this giant antique machine before she went over to examine it. The second she got closer the machine opened and what appeared to be shadowy tendrils pulled her through it. Then it all went black.


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