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Greetings! I've been checking out Don't starve news and notices there was a new multiplayer coming up. Thi is just a suggestion, but could you put local co-op in too? As gamepads are allowed it could be like castle crashers or others locally playable games..


Here's an example:


In menu, we start with these options:


under play should be added multiplayer once the modifications comes out (ofc.)

Once this is released, you should add inside the multiplayer tab "Local", "LAN" and "Online"


Local would show a screen with "join press [button]" if it's a gamepad, it'd be A, of course.

Once the two players chosed their characters (Up and down for keyboard, Left stick up and down for gamepad) 

Pressing A or Enter again will launch the game, as a multiplayer game!

There, wish it'll be added as I play with friends at home on my computer, me on my gamepad and my friend on the keyboard, I think it would help the multiplayer to jump up by including on same computer multiplayer, giving  the thrill of the game to 3-4 friends and thus buying it at home to play with friend when they're not with them. 

So there, hope someone will take a look at it! ~

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