More limits on inital mob spawn randomness

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I know spawns are random and that makes each world a new experience - great. However, there should be more limits controlling where hostile mobs first appear. I've had:


- a spider queen within the lit area under the rope for a cave entrance, not even enough time to equip for a battle after dropping down. Had to abandon that cave more or less.


- a touch stone in range of several tentacle spikes (I took two hits just activating the touch stone, the things are right up against the planks).


- some worlds with a Deerclops pretty much every winter, others going on day 300+ and no sightings yet (but with same default world settings in both)


- Treeguards. Not really that big a deal, but wow, sometimes you have to go to day 150 chopping wood all day every day in the middle of a forest just to get the first one, other times, they appear on the fifth tree you cut down.


I don't want other settings from default, just some boundaries on the randomness to cut out the extreme cases.


Thanks Klei!


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