Yet another DS series- Feedback appreciated!


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Hi all!


Let me start off by saying that I am a newb at both Don't Starve and Youtube videos. I started out making videos for Sims3, but once I found Don't Starve that is all I wanted to play. I don't consider myself a "gamer" and there are a lot of things I am not good at. Such as not ending sentences with prepositions. :razz:


Anyway, I've been doing a Don't Starve series for a few months now, just the vanilla game. I plan to start a RoG series within the next couple of weeks. I'd love some feedback, as I don't have many viewers.


Thank you for reading/watching!


Don't Starve playlist:

(I'll admit, the first few videos are not the best, but they get better! I think? Maybe?)

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Hello everyone! I have finished up my series for the regular game where I lasted over 100 days, which I never thought would happen!  I've just posted the first episode for my RoG series, I hope those of you who watch will enjoy!  :eagerness:



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I just killed my first deerclops! Sure, it was only because Wigfrid is so powerful, but it still counts right? :)


Check it out if you want:



The fight starts around 17:50, but it was really a 2 episode ordeal with pan flutes, old bells and much freaking out on my part. Watch the pre-fight entertainment here:


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