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template problem

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hello guys

first of all,sorry for bad language.my english isn't best ^^

i just want to say that,i wanted create a character before and i used template as wolfgang's a couple months ago and i drew some parts of my character.finally,i bored and left it sketchy...

but now,i decided to do it again and drew all of missing parts of my character.so,it's ready now but i have a problem.because i installed reign of giants dlc and wolfgang's template changed.so,i can't use his .bin file.

i just want to try change wolfgang's skin and i created a .tex file and i putted it in original files instead of wolfgang's (with using wolfgang's .bin file) but,as i'm said before; it's changed.what can i do now? i used textool again and took new template of wolfgang but i want to create a character with no necessary about dlc to use.i just want to do it on original game,not for dlc.

what can i do guys? please help me :(

(and please,pick simply words for your sentences ^^)


this is first template for wolfgang;


and my drawings for my character (i'm agree with my drawing quality.i can't say that my drawing is good ^^)



this is new template for wolfgang;

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